Vibration Control

Vibration testing m+p international

m+p international has been a leading supplier of vibration controllers for over 30 years.
Our vibration test systems ensure full test item protection during closed-loop control on electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers.

Vibration Testing and Shaker Control

Shock and Drop Testing

Mixed Mode Testing

Time Domain Replication and Road Load Simulation

Data Reduction

Time History Recording to Throughput Disk

Vibration Monitoring

Acoustic Control in a Reverberation Chamber

Vibration Test Rigs

Dynamic Signal Analysis

Vibration measurement analysis m+p international

Dynamic signal analyzers for noise and vibration measurement, analysis and advanced reporting
in one application. The fully integrated solution provides a wide range of applications to suit all your NVH needs in the field and in the lab.

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Dynamic Signal Acquisition and Analysis

Modal Analysis incl. ODS, SDOF, MDOF, MIMO

Impact Testing

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Acoustic Analysis

Environmental Vibration Testing (Sine/Random/Shock)

Vehicle Pass-by Noise Testing

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition m+p international

Full-featured data acquisition systems for any test size, from tens to thousands of input channels. For highest system flexibility, m+p international offers support for powerful USB, Ethernet, LXIbus and VXIbus based instrumentation.

Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Process Monitoring

Thermocouple and Voltage Measurements

Strain Gauge Measurements

Standalone Data Acquisition