Experimental structural testing using strain gauges is necessary in a wide range of applications from airframes and sub-assemblies down to individual components such as turbine blades, satellites, wind turbines, buildings, bridges and many others. These tests enable the engineers to compare the acquired data with the predicted results from the design calculations.

Its modular design and easy parameterization make m+p Coda ideally suited for experimental structural testing and multi-axis strain and stress analysis. Features include measurements with single- and multi­channel strain gauges, real-time strain and stress calculations, limit checking and communication with the load control system. m+p Coda provides limit checking and alarm monitoring on every channel.

m+p Coda supports ¼, ½, full-bridge configurations and rosette type sensors, also thermocouples and RTDs for temperature compensation are supported. An optional trend detection allows to track the linear trend of strain gauge signals with respect to the reference channel (e.g. force).


m+p Coda supports our Ethernet-based m+p VibRunner and m+p VibMobile measurement hardware as well as the LXI-based EX1629 instrument from VTI Instruments for strain measurements and experimental stress analysis.

  • m+p VibRunner
  • m+p VibMobile

  • •独立便携或 19 寸 1U 高度上架设计
  • 每台 m+p VibRunner 有 8-24 输入通道
  • 支持多台 m+p VibRunner 同步
  • 最高 204.8 kHz 采样率
  • 24 位 Sigma-Delat A/D 转换器
  • 1Gbit/s 网络接口
  • 支持 IEPE 和 TEDS 传感器输入
  • 应变信号调理
  • 每台 m+p VibRunner 有 2-12 信号源输出通道,支持安全关机
  • 2-12 转速输入通道
  • 每台 m+p VibRunner 有 8 个数字输入和 8 个数字输出通道

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  • 便携,可在实验场地或实验室使用
  • 电池可选,结构坚固,工作噪音小
  • 内置计算机(Win 7 操作系统,CPU 为 i7 处理器、主频为 2.4 GHz、RAM 为 8 GB、2 Gbit 网络连接、2 块固态硬盘),具有鼠标、键盘接口
  • 可以作为独立操作体统(应用软件已经安装在内置的电脑中)或者使用其它电脑通过网络连接将其作为前端硬件
  • 内置硬件同步触发模块,可实现多台设备同步,内置 2 个信号源和 2 个转速通道,内置 4 个数字输入/4 个数字输出模块
  • 桥路测量
  • 12 卡槽的主机箱支持最多 8 个 m+p 所有的 I/O 板卡和最多 4 块的 CompactPCI® 系列板卡,对模拟信号和数字 I/O、交流界面和存储设备 (GPS,CANbus,ProfiBus,EtherCAT,高速瞬态记录,RS-232 and RS-485,IRIG and ARINC 等)没有限制
  • 支持多台主机箱并联扩展

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