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m+p Analyzer

Complete Solution for Noise & Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

For a fully functioning trial version of m+p Analyzer, please contact your local m+p office or send us an email.

During installation you will require a trial licence key: download and run SoftCode.exe on the required trial PC to find your unique trial serial number. Please copy the software code generated by Softcode.exe to the clipboard and insert into the key code generator. Please fill out the complete form and then submit.

m+p VibSlideRule: Multi-Function Vibration Calculator

The m+p VibSlideRule offers a wide range of useful calculating tools for vibration testing and structural analysis. It helps visualise the relationships that apply and includes units conversions.

Typical applications:

  • Test development
  • Analysis
  • Test set-up
  • Calibration and error analysis

m+p VibSlideRule provides tools for:

  • calculate displacement, velocity, acceleration and frequency
  • supports translational as well as rotational/angular motion
  • definition of arbitrary PSD-spectrum using linear interpolation between data-points
  • calculate corresponding RMS- and peak-values for displacement, velocity, acceleration
  • export PSD-spectrum for use in m+p VibControl using linear-linear or linear-logarithmic axis scaling (e.g. according to IEC 61373 – random testing)
  • calculate RMS-value for given bandwidth and constant PSD-spectrum
  • half-sine, saw tooth, rectangle and trapezoid pulse shapes
  • compute pulse width, peak acceleration and velocity change
  • compute moment, force and distance
  • compute input-output ratio (linear and dB)
  • supports amplitude and power input values
  • compute errors for true and actual measurements (% and dB)
  • Convert values between different units
  • Force: N ↔ lbf
  • Transducer Sensitivity: mV/’Unit’ ↔ ‘Unit’/V
  • Acceleration: m/s² ↔ g
  • Velocity: m/s ↔ in/s
  • Displacement: mm ↔ in

To install m+p VibSlideRule incl. operating instructions please click DOWNLOAD.
This program is freeware and may be freely distributed in its entirety.