Carbon Canister Preconditioning and Testing

Emissions from vehicles do not only come from the exhaust produced by the engine but also evaporate from the rest of the vehicle (mainly the fuel systems). Activated carbon canisters prevent evaporative emissions escaping into the environment from the fuel tank. Our canister conditioning and test systems are used to automatically precondition (e. g. purge and load) vehicle canisters. The system meets the latest EPA, CARB, EU and Chinese requirements for emission canister conditioning using butane/nitrogen procedures.

m+p ACON Canister Conditioning System

m+p international`s ACON system automatically preconditions vehicle canisters according to all relevant regulations. It controls and monitors the preconditioning procedure, records the results and displays the current state on-line on the monitor. With m+p ACON, canisters are reliably prepared for the subsequent hydrocarbon emission measurements in the SHED chamber, saving time and manpower at the same time. m+p ACON runs on an industrial or desktop PC under the Windows 10TM operating system. The clearly arranged user interface using Windows standard makes operation easy and convenient.

Key Features of Successful Canister Conditioning

  • Complies with the latest EPA, CARB, EU and Chinese regulations
  • Butane/nitrogen handling
  • Easy, reliable operation under Windows 10TM
  • Compact 19” rack housing standard BWC (butane working capacity) and optional GWC (gasoline working capacity) and ORVR simulation
  • Explosion-proof
  • Fully automated, unattended operation
  • User-definable test procedures in addition to the integrated standard test procedures
  • In-vehicle and benchtop operations
  • High-precision mass flow controllers from Brooks Instrument
  • Breakthrough operation using an auxiliary canister
  • Computer-controlled stabilization of the canisters
  • Customizable test logs
  • MS ExcelTM interface for analysis and graphical presentation
  • Special tests (e.g. for leak check and differential pressure tests)
  • Additional analog and digital inputs/outputs

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