VXI Vibration Analyzer

The High-Channel Count Vibration Analyzer

The VXIbus is a proven and well-supported platform for instrumentation systems, with a 25+ year history of success. It has outlived many of the units under test. VXIbus hardware is catered to the requirements of multi-channel testing.

Support of VXIbus Instrumentation for True Investment Protection

For large-channel count noise and vibration testing, m+p Analyzer also supports VXIbus hardware from VTI Instruments. In this way the user can benefit from our latest software solutions without having to abandon the acquisition hardware he has been successfully working with for many years. Existing VXI DSA systems that require a software performance upgrade as well as additional hardware for system expansion can easily be integrated into the m+p Analyzer.

Flexible VXI Vibration Analyzer

The m+p Analyzer software for noise & vibration measurement and analysis supports 4/6/13-slot VXIbus mainframes housing three, five or twelve digitizers for up to 48, 80 or 192 input channels respectively. Additional chassis can be daisy-chained for even higher channel configurations. No matter how many channels are connected, the m+p Analyzer provides highly accurate cross channel measurements, gap-free throughput to disk recording and reliable online and offline analyses. The high-precision data acquisition hardware includes a mainframe, multiple 24-bit 16-channel VXI digitizers plus DSP and a FireWire or Gigabit network link from the PC to the VXI chassis. With the gigabit Ethernet interface you are free to install the front-end chassis remotely near your signal sources.

If you prefer high-channel count measurement hardware based on the latest generation of IC technology, the m+p VibRunner is your first choice. We tailored this instrumentation specifically for the requirements of noise and vibration analysis, vibration testing and dynamic data acquisition. m+p VibRunner can be used standalone or mounted into a
19” rack.

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VXI Vibration Analyzer

  • 8/16 input channels per digitizer, breakout-box or front-panel coaxial connections
  • 24-bit resolution
  • 130 dBfs spurious free dynamic range
  • 102.4 kS/s maximum sampling range
  • Analysis bandwidth to 46 kHz
  • ICP® source
  • +/- 10 V output source
  • Onboard multiple DSP per module
  • IEEE-1394 FireWire or 1 Gigabit Ethernet PC link to VXI
  • 4/6/13-slot VXI mainframe