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VibRunner Hardware for Dynamic Measurement and Shaker Control Applications

VibRunner is the new solution-oriented measurement hardware platform from
m+p international. It covers a wide range of dynamic measurement and shaker control applications where numbers of channels and high data throughput are vital for accurate and efficient testing.

Designed to be used with our proven VibControl, SO Analyzer and Coda software solutions, VibRunner is purpose- built to the specific needs of noise & vibration analysis, vibration testing and dynamic data acquisition.

m+p VibRunner many input channels

VibRunner is ideal for projects such as engine test cells where high data throughput is important, large structures where distributed inputs reduce sensor cabling, large channel count requirements such as sensitive satellite pre-flight testing, or just where a wide range of testing needs demands the ultimate flexibility in test system configuration.

The 19” mainframe houses up to 3 front-mounted modules and can be used standalone or rack mounted. With DC and AC inputs to the power supply and a high-quality silent fan which can be switched off at the host PC for sensitive measurements, VibRunner is fully equipped for all test installation requirements.

VibRunner is configurable as 16ch input + 8ch output/tacho or 24ch input in each chassis, with 24 bit analog precision and up to 102.4 kHz sampling rate. Multiple VibRunner systems can be distributed and synchronized providing very high performance data throughput capability for the largest of channel counts using multiple Ethernet Gbit interfaces.

Please read more in our 4-page VibRunner Measurement Hardware Platform brochure.

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