Vibration Testing: Upgrade to Windows 7 Made Easy

If you are having problems migrating your old vibration test systems onto new PC platforms running Windows 7 then m+p international can help. Our VibControl systems support Windows 7, 64-bit version.

m+p international have a 30 year record of supporting their customers through new generations of both hardware and software without the need to completely replace their entire vibration test system. This means upgrades can be implemented piece by piece in a cost-effective way reducing the long-term cost of ownership while always providing you access to the latest technology.

If your upgrade options are limited by your existing supplier then we also have special replacement offers to allow you to take advantage of m+p's long-term commitment to support. In many situations these offers will cost you no more than existing support contracts so contact us now to compare.

Please contact m+p international at or (+1) 973 239 3005.

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