Vibration Control: Remote Client Simplifies Your Daily Test Job

Our VibControl systems provide an optional remote client licence which is invaluable to many operators. Many times a controller is crowded by engineers trying to view a vibration test as it is run. For operators this is not only a disturbance but can and has led to mistakes as they can be distracted by questions, requests etc. However with the remote client, live data can be viewed during an actual test via network or wireless network on a tablet or desktop PC in an entirely different area. The licence allows full VibControl functionality except running a test.

VibControl supports high-precision measurement hardware made by leading manufacturers from four to hundreds of input channels. Using true multi-tasking, the control software is very robust in operation and allows multiple tasks to run in parallel from the same keyboard without loss of real-time control. Our VibControl products have a full range of test modes available, everything from simple ESS random testing to mixed mode gunfire simulation, drop table capture and unlimited time data replication. They provide comprehensive analysis functions, sophisticated reporting, automated functional and climatic testing including email and SMS messages as well as multi-monitor support.

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