VibControl Users Training

October 28th and 29th 2013 in Dulles, Virginia

m+p international, in cooperation with Orbital Sciences Corporation, will hold a one-and-a-half day seminar to demonstrate the operation and benefits of the latest features in Vibration Control for Space-Borne Structures. The seminar focus will be on Time Domain Data Recording during control, the internal summation of force transducers for Summed Force control and notching, Overturning Moment control and notching, and new features in reporting. In addition, m+p international representatives will be on-site to request your input for new ideas and features for future developments.

Utilizing our new VibRunner-based 184 channel Vibration Control and Analysis System, m+p personnel will demonstrate the set-up and execution of a real vibration test with a spacecraft mass model on a large slip table. Our latest version of VibControl software digitally sums individual Force Transducer inputs to control the overall force input and overturning moment of the structure, and notch accordingly. All functions are calculated internally; no external summing amps or complicated moment calculations. Additionally, all measurement data is recorded in the time domain directly on the control PC hard drive, eliminating the necessity for tape recorders or external data acquisition systems, and allowing operators access to Time Domain data directly following the completion of a test run.

Join us on October 28, 2013 for an afternoon user group meeting, followed by a hands-on, live demonstration on October 29th.

Please contact Diana Joseph (Phone 973.239.3005) in our US headquarters or your local account manager to reserve
a spot and assist you with any travel arrangements.

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