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University of Cincinnati Structural Dynamic Research Lab Selects LXI/VXI-Based SO Analyzer

Along with our measurement hardware partner VXI Technology, we are proud to announce m+p international’s SO Analyzer software has been selected by Prof. Randy Allemang (Director of the University of Cincinnati Structural Dynamic Research Lab -SDRL) for use by the students of the Structures and Motion Laboratory.

Structural dynamic research - m+p international

Six seats of LXI/VXI laptop based systems were installed enabling the students to utilize the VT1435 24-bit, 100 kHz, 8-channel input modules with output source and new  LXI Ethernet interface. m+p’s SO Analyzer software worked immediately after interfacing the new hardware and allowed a range of dynamic measurements to be acquired the first day of scheduled labs. The ease of use, extensive integrated analysis and visualization along with direct conversion to MATLAB allows students to focus on understanding the measurements instead of loosing time learning software.

This continues the long standing relationship between m+p international and the SDRL which has resulted in many exciting and productive product features such as m+p’s Impact Measurement Wizard, the Polyreference Time Domain Curve Fit, Advanced MDOF Wizard and Multivariate Mode Indicator Function.

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