SO Analyzer Selected for Structural Dynamics Research

Continuing our past successful collaboration with top university research laboratories, m+p international is proud to announce multiple seats at several universities using the new m+p 8-channel VibPilot front-end.

Customers doing structural dynamics testing have the unique ability with the SO Analyzer to utilize National Instruments or VTI Instruments E143X series front-ends along with the new VibPilot. This maximizes existing resources and gives the customer freedom to expand picking the right hardware to use with no changes in the software.

The University of Illinois, the Purdue University, the University of Connecticut and the New Mexico State University recently selected m+p SO Analyzer software together with the VibPilot front-end for structural dynamics research.

Logo University Illinois

The Civil Engineering department’s Smart Structures Technology Lab at the University of Illinois has adopted m+p SO Analyzer. The lab performs dynamics measurements on structures including forced time history as well as traditional impact and shaker modal testing. Prof. B.F. Spencer, Jr. selected three 8- channel VibPilot systems with the flexibility to combine all three units to capture  24 channels simultaneously.

Logo Purdue University

Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research is a 66,000 square-foot facility. It provides the space and technical capability needed to investigate the behavior of large structural models and elements subjected to loads representing extreme events, such as earthquakes, blasts, and impact. The goal is to design new structures to better withstand these extreme events. SO Analyzer has been adopted by the Civil Engineering department's to aid their staff with dynamics measurements on structures. After review of the University of Illinois configuration Prof. Shirley J. Dyke selected three independent VibPilot systems with the flexibility to combine all three units to capture 24 channels simultaneously.

Logo University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut Structures and Applied Mechanics Department has expertise in both structural engineering, involving the design of buildings, bridges and other structures, and applied mechanics, which forms the basis of all structural analysis and design. Assistant Professor Shinae Jang, Ph. D. also selected three independent 8-channel  SO Analyzer/VibPilot based systems which can be combined to configure a larger  16 or 24 channel system.

Logo New Mexico State University

Young S. Lee, Ph. D. selected the SO Analyzer to aid his research in the Aerospace Structural Dynamics Lab (ASDL) of the New Mexico State University. Key to his requirements were continuous time history capture simultaneous with computing processed results in real time and guided impact measurements.

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