SO Analyzer 4.2: Our Latest Analyzer Release

p-LSCF and PTD+ Identification Algorithms in Modal Analysis, new Mode Properties and FRF Validation in MDOF, FRF synthesis in SDOF and Online Computed Functions Calculator are just some of the new functions contained in our latest SO Analyzer software release.

  • For modal testing, SO Analyzer Rev. 4.2 brings important developments: The new Polyreference Least-Squares Complex Frequency domain algorithm (p-LSCF/Polyfreq) yields very clear stabilization diagrams even for high system orders (above 50) in highly damped structures. For the analysis of weakly damped structures, we refined the already implemented, widely-used PTD algorithm. This new algorithm is called Polyreference Least-Squares Complex Exponential Plus (PTD+/Polytime+). The two algorithms considerably improve the interpretability of the stabilization diagrams.
p-LSCF stabilization diagram
p-LSCF stabilization diagram
  • New Mode Properties are computed in the MDOF wizard: Mean Phase Deviation (MPD), Modal Phase Collinearity (MPC), Mode Over-Complexity Value (MOF) and Mode Indicator Function (MIF).
  • Your synthesized Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) in the MDOF wizard can be validated by means of the FRF Correlation and the FRF Least Squares Error functions.
  • The SDOF wizard now enables you to compare measured and synthesized Frequency Response Functions and to examine the quality of the results (eigenvector, eigenfrequency, modal damping) in an easy way.
FRF synthesis
FRF synthesis in SDOF Wizard
  • The Complex Mode Indicator Function (CMIF) has been added to the MDOF wizard.
  • For impact testing, m+p integrated a new force window which is exponentially decaying.
  • SO Analyzer Rev. 4.2 adds further National Instrument cards to the long list of supported NI hardware.
  • The user can now define signal analysis equations and cross channel calculations that are computed and displayed in real-time during measurement runs.
  • m+p's VibControl style report formats can now be directly created using the SO Analyzer reporting tools.

For more information please download our 4-page "SO Analyzer Revision 4.2" Update Note.

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