Rugged, Standalone Data Acquisition

With the full-featured Coda (Continuous data acquisition) software product family, m+p international provides data acquisition and logging solutions for all applications from the simple to the most complex. Together with the compact and rugged Ethernet I/O chassis from United Electronic Industries, Coda is perfectly suited for a wide variety of mobile and test bench applications.


Standalone data acquisition - m+p international
Cubes and racks for standalone data acquisition

For standalone applications Coda supports cubes and racks running a standard Linux operating system. Just make your acquisition settings in the Coda software and download them to the cube/rack via Ethernet. The applications will run fully standalone. The cube/rack will store the data on SD, SSD or other HDDs for later visualization and post-processing by the Coda software.

Read more in the "Coda Data Acquisition and Logging" brochure.

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