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N+V Testing of Venting Assemblies

Industrial Ventilation Systems (IVS) in Houston, TX, has implemented a 100% quality noise and vibration measurement system from m+p international to validate their industry-leading, low-vibration and noise designs. They use eight channels of acoustic, vibration and power measurements to test each venting assembly. Technicians have a lab-based solution using m+p international’s m+p VibPilot measurement frontend but also utilize a dongle with USB National Instruments hardware and have added modal capability to go on the road and take data at customer sites. Improvements have decreased customer complaints and lead to increased orders.

Two VibPilot devices laptop
m+p VibPilot frontends for 16 input channels

According to IVS President Arthur Kohn, “We were new to noise and vibration measurements, and m+p international provided excellent pre-sales technical support to help us develop our solution at a low cost and now takes the time to provide the post-sales training and support we need when urgent requests come in.”

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