Now Available: VibControl Revision 2.12

Time history recording to throughput disk, sine/random/shock data reduction, remote control of Brüel & Kjaer NEXUSTM conditioning amplifiers as well as time-saving vibration testing with multi-sine excitation are just some of the new or enhanced functions contained in our latest VibControl software release. The software update helps you to further increase the performance of your VibControl system and to keep it up-to-date with the newest technology.

  • Time History Recording to Throughput Disk Using m+p VibPilot and VibRunner Frontends
    VibControl Rev. 2.12 offers a powerful and flexible function for continuous and gap-free time data recording to throughput disk during a vibration test. All input channels or single channels can be chosen for recording. Easy post-processing of the recorded time data after the test run. Spectra of sine, random and shock SRS tests can be provided.
Screenshot windows curves
Time history recording to throughput disk
  • Data Reduction (Sine/Random/Shock SRS) Using m+p VibPilot and VibRunner Frontends
    This function allows to perform online signal analysis using the VibControl data reduction modes for sine, random and SRS tests. The channel count for a vibration test can be increased using the data reduction function and our VibPilot (4-16 ch.) or VibRunner (8-256 ch. or more) frontends.
  • Remote Control of Brüel & Kjaer NEXUSTM Conditioning Amplifiers VibControl with Windows 7 operating system (64-bit version) now enables parameterization and remote control of B&K NEXUSTM conditioning amplifier type 2692 via RS232 interface. The time-consuming manual programming of the amplifiers becomes superfluous.
  • Time-Saving Vibration Testing with Multi-Sine Excitation
    Another new function is the multi-sine excitation also known as “no random option for mixed mode”. The objective is to significantly reduce the costs and time of durability tests. Multi-sine excitation enables you to simultaneously sweep up to 10 sine tones across the desired frequency range using different levels and profiles.

Other enhancements in VibControl Rev. 2.12 include license independent from PC, 32 ksamples/s for transient capture and other shock test modes, online display of filter, RMS and peak results (sine and sine data reduction) as well as phase and frequency against time display (sine dwell).

  For more information please download our 4-page VibControl Revision 2.12 Update Note

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