Noise & Vibration Analysis: Release of SO Analyzer Revision 4.1

m+p international’s SO Analyzer is a dynamic data acquisition, analysis and reporting system with integrated analysis across a wide range of applications from structural testing to sound quality.

SO Analyzer Revision 4.1 will introduce a lot of new useful capabilities and enhancements to our software, a few of them are:

  • Normal Mode Tuning (ground vibration testing): For the demanding modal test requirements of the aircraft and space industries m+p international have implemented „normal mode tuning“. This method ensures the most accurate estimate of the normal mode frequency and related damping values and is not limited by FFT resolution issues. The real-time user interface shows progress towards the optimum normal mode frequency indicated by the MIF display and real-time mode shape analysis. This is augmented with Nyquist and Bode plots as the final high-resolution stepped sine sweep is completed.

    Screenshot blue curves peak
  • Mode Shape Validation Wizard with Circle Fit Editor: This method is the ideal complement to normal mode tuning. In conjunction with the interactive mode shape animation it is perfectly suited for checking and optimizing each FRF measurement (e.g. FE validation for flight clearance). SO Analyzer’s modern interactive multi-display implementation of this traditional technique makes it quick and easy to review and validate data across even high channel counts.
  • The Sound Power wizard covers all functions available in the ISO 374x sound power standards in a simple to use setup page. Background noise corrections are optional.
  • Tonality: The ECMA 74 standard provides a method of characterizing the audible significance of tones within a sound pressure measurement and is a useful addition to the new sound power capability.
  • SO Analyzer now supports the following National Instruments cards: NI PXI-4220 (strain), NI 9217 (temperature), NI PXIe-6358, NI 9201, NI 9205, NI 9206, NI 9225.
  • The measurement initialisation has been restructured to improve measurement speed.
  • Additional computation functions have been implemented: FRF H1, H2 and Hv, normalized cross-correlation, normalized probability density, 1/x in chart calculator and integral in value table, m+p’s VibControl Averaged/Mean/Peak filters mimicked in sine reduction.
  • Acoustic Time History Functions offer higher resolution down to < 1 ms increments for transient noise events.
  • SO Analyzer Rev. 4.1 supports Windows 7 x86 and x64.

SO Analyzer Rev. 4.1 will be available from end of July 2011.

This update is of course free to all our customers with current maintenance contracts.

For more information, please read our 4-page SO Analyzer Rev. 4.1 Update Note.

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