Noise & Vibration Analysis: Release of SO Analyzer Revision 4.0

m+p international’s SO Analyzer is the perfect choice for accurate and efficient noise and vibration measurements, third-party data import/export, data analysis and reporting of your results in a single package. It covers the widest range of applications in today’s dynamic signal analysis and is designed for use in the field and in the lab.

SO Analyzer Rev. 4.0 introduces a lot of new useful capabilities and enhancements to our software, a few of them are:

  • The user interface has been completely revised and adapted to the latest window themes and styles. This includes all major components of the SO Analyzer. Besides the user can customize the selection steps according to his specific application.  
  • SO Analyzer now supports up to four VibPilot devices with a total of 32 input channels, 8 sources and high-speed tacho counters. VibPilot is m+p international’s portable, fan-less 4- or 8-channel front-end with 24-bit resolution and USB 2.0 interfacing. Devices are synchronized via a master clock with no loss of their excellent measurement performance across multiple units.
  • Temperature logging alongside dynamic measurements: It is often useful to record thermal conditions while gathering dynamic data. This is now possible using either the National Instruments 9211 4-channel or the 9213 16-channel thermocouple input modules in conjunction with any of the other SO Analyzer supported dynamic acquisition hardware.
  • New user defaults can be defined for Project New, Analyzer Setup New and Display Layout New again assisting the user to personalise his functionality to best suit the common applications being performed.
  • SO Analyzer provides unlimited throughput to disc recording of time sample data including the option of multiple scheduled recording. To better manage these files a “Recorder“ section has been added to the browser: This stores the path to the throughput (recorder) files and displays these in the browser.
  • Licensing options include softcode, hardware dongle and now an advanced network based capability. This network-based option provides concurrent user access anywhere on the user network with the added option of detachable licensing for portable PCs or measurement systems etc.
  • Ground vibration testing (GVT): Advanced modal test additions include multiple force level controlled sources with user-defined phase that are available for both swept sine and stepped sine measurements providing normal mode excitation for accurate mode identification and analysis. Swept sine can now be synchronised directly with the internal source giving more accurate COLA tracking and freeing up an extra input channel. Using the normal mode MIF function enables quick validation of FRF results and the linked FRF-Nyquist chart function allows for rapid review of many FRF results prior to full modal analysis.

This update is of course free to all our customers with current maintenance contracts. For more information please contact

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