m+p VibControl Revision 2.13 Out Now

The latest revision of our m+p VibControl shaker control software offers advanced new features which further enhance productivity of your daily test job.

Enhancements of m+p VibControl 2.13 include:

  • Control on first pulse in classical shock reduces strain for the device under test
  • Time-saving loop definition in shock schedules
  • Automatic start and stop of throughput for more efficient test procedures
  • Random kurtosis control accelerates structural life testing
Kurtosis control: Display of probability function
  • Momentum notching, vector RSS notching and vector add notching now available for sine and random tests
  • Line style selection makes chart display more flexible
Selecting a line style
Selecting a line style
  • Posttest enhancements: minimum, maximum and overall RMS values display, minimum/maximum labels for all traces in multiplot mode, DC offset removal, peak search in multiplot mode
  • Faster screen updates for random tests
  • Windows 10 support

Find more information on the new functionality of m+p VibControl 2.13 in our
5-page Update Note

This Update Note provides you with an overview of the most significant product enhancements in m+p VibControl Revision 2.13. These together with many other smaller improvements make the m+p VibControl even more powerful and user-friendly.

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