m+p SO Analyzer 4.4 Enhances Capability and Efficiency

m+p SO Analyzer 4.4, the latest version of our fully integrated platform for a broad range of noise & vibration measurement and analysis and general dynamic signal applications, is available now. The software revision provides you with even greater efficiency, productivity and ease of use.

Enhancements include:

Screenshot multi-axis FRF’s
Multi-axis FRFs with curve fitting and inertia calculation results
  • Mass Properties Calculator Providing Easy Derivation of Mass and Inertia Properties from Structural Analysis Data
  • MIMO-Sine-FRF Calculator for Ground Vibration Testing (GVT) Applications
  • Rapid Resonance Search Using High Rate Swept Sine Analysis – “Complex Spectrum”
Screenshot graphs
Dual-plane balancing measurement
  • Balancing Wizard for Enhanced Machinery Dynamics Calculations
  • Envelope Analysis – A Sensitive Indicator of Bearing Defects
  • Detecting and Analyzing Underwater Acoustic Signals with LOFAR and DEMON Analysis
  • Hilbert and Time Envelope Functions
  • 200 kHz Support for m+p VibRunner
m+p VibRunner module connectors
m+p VibRunner: 200 kHz sampling rate
  • New Mobile Hardware Architecture – m+p VibMobile
  • Support of Additional NI CDAQ Chassis
  • Mode Shape Animation
  • Support of Windows 8.1 and Microsoft SurfacePro3 Operating Systems

Find detailed information on the enhanced functionality of m+p SO Analyzer 4.4 in our 6-page Update Note.

m+p SO Analyzer is used in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and other industries and by many leading test houses worldwide.

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