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Machinery Condition Monitoring

Vibration condition monitoring of rotating machines is a major activity for equipment manufacturers, installers, operators and maintenance companies.

Generator red
Courtesy of Cummins Generator Technologies

m+p international’s SO Analyzer is a flexible and easy to use system for all types of diagnostic testing across a wide range of machinery monitoring applications. Its rotational dynamics software module includes the functionality required to measure and analyse both fixed and variable speed rotating machines for development diagnostics, commissioning evaluation, post-maintenance performance checks and many other monitoring tasks.

Short-term measurements over seconds to long-term measurements over days and weeks are possible. Input sensors can be accelerometers, velocity sensors or displacement probes.

A number of hardware configurations are possible providing the best of portability and flexibility together with integrated online diagnostics and analysis.

You will find more information including some typical condition evaluation applications in our
“SO Analyzer – Machinery Condition Monitoring” application note.

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