Latest m+p Analyzer Software Release

The m+p SO Analyzer noise and vibration measurement and analysis platform gets advanced new features in its Revision 4.3. The enhanced functionality provides you with even greater efficiency and ease of use.

m+p SO Analyzer Revision 4.3 brings important developments such as:

  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Using Cross-Half-PSDs
  • Data-on-Demand from Recorder Throughput Files
  • Zoom Overview Using 2D Chart Viewer
  • Histogram for Drive Crest Factor Validation
  • Channel Name and Geometry Auto-Fill Commands
  • Faster Processing Performance for Higher Channel Count Systems
  • Support of Additional National Instruments Cards
Bridge mode shapes
Bridge mode shapes
Histogram drive crest factor validation
Histogram for drive crest factor validation

For detailed information on the added functionality, please download our 4-page m+p SO Analyzer 4.3 Update Note.

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