Latest m+p Analyzer Software Release

The m+p SO Analyzer noise and vibration measurement and analysis platform gets advanced new features in its Revision 4.3. The enhanced functionality provides you with even greater efficiency and ease of use.

m+p SO Analyzer Revision 4.3 brings important developments such as:

  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Using Cross-Half-PSDs
  • Data-on-Demand from Recorder Throughput Files
  • Zoom Overview Using 2D Chart Viewer
  • Histogram for Drive Crest Factor Validation
  • Channel Name and Geometry Auto-Fill Commands
  • Faster Processing Performance for Higher Channel Count Systems
  • Support of Additional National Instruments Cards
m+p international analyzer mode shapes
Bridge mode shapes
m+p international drive crest
Histogram for drive crest factor validation

For detailed information on the added functionality, please download our 4-page m+p SO Analyzer 4.3 Update Note.

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