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200 kHz Support for m+p VibRunner

m+p international’s VRAI820 – the latest addition to our range of m+p VibRunner data acquisition hardware boasts up to 204.8 kHz sampling rate (80 kHz bandwidth) and offers high sensitivity input ranges selectable from 100 mV to 20 Vpk. Together with outstanding dynamic range, low noise and selectable high-pass input filtering makes this new addition ideal for many demanding applications from ultrasonic measurements in sonar, automotive crash testing and pyro-shock capture to low-level acoustic measurements in anechoic chambers.

The switchable input voltage ranges provide improved sensitivity for very low level vibration signals and microphone measurements as well as a higher range to handle higher outputs from sources such as tacho sensors. Six input ranges are available: ± 100 mV, 316 mV, 1 V, 3.16 V, 10 V and 20 V.

Another important feature of the VRAI820 module is the analog filter selection. The standard configuration consists of a 0.3 Hz and a 10 Hz AC filter. Optionally, a 0.05 Hz AC filter can be purchased which replaces the 10 Hz filter.

m+p VibRunner module connectors
200 kHz m+p VibRunner data acquisition module

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