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Force Limited Vibration Testing

Force limited vibration testing (notching) limits the upper vibration level on any number of control or measurement channels, thus effectively protecting test items against overtesting. Overtesting occurs when vibration tests subject a test item to unrealistically severe – and potentially damaging – forces arising at resonances present in the component or fixture.

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m+p VibControl software and m+p VibRunner hardware

m+p VibControl software and m+p VibRunner hardware have proved highly successful for force limiting vibration testing. During tests, the m+p system applies a predetermined sine or random vibration excitation to the assembly, but this is limited if the sum of individual forces in the excitation axis, the root sum square of the acceleration vector at each point, or the overturning moment exceed their set limits.

To learn more about m+p international’s solution for effective force limited vibration testing, please read the article “Shake, Rattle & Roll” in the June 2104 issue of the “Aerospace Testing International” magazine.

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