DES Relies on m+p for Noise and Vibration Testing

Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) purchased their first 4-channel m+p vibration control system in 2005 for use in a multitude of testing. Over the intervening years DES has grown into a full-service test house with multiple electrodynamic shakers, HALT/HASS systems, environmental chambers and offers many engineering services both in-house and onsite. DES uses m+p VibControl software and m+p VibPilot hardware for controlling their electrodynamic shakers. Capabilities have been extended to more than 64 channels available for dynamic response measurements. Shock, pyroshock, modal and acoustic testing services are offered using m+p SO Analyzer systems.

Shock test machine
Shock test at Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES)

DES has used their m+p systems to successfully perform the most complex dynamic testing for products that are used in outer space, military, and missiles including supporting the Orion Rocket Program and other high level missile and satellite programs. 

“I want to thank m+p support for helping us with the complicated SRS shock test. The test was a great success. We are really satisfied with the m+p VibControl controllers for our vibe shaker systems and the SO Analyzer systems for our shock tables and also the support we get from m+p!” says Gary Delserro, President of DES.

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