Data Acquisition and Process Monitoring Software Introduced

Coda is m+p international’s new universal, turnkey software platform for measurement, data acquisition, signal analysis and process monitoring. It provides quicker time to test by eliminating costly application programming and long learning curves through comprehensive out-of-the box functionality.  Equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface Coda supports measurement set-up with hundreds of channels within a few minutes.

Thanks to its modular structure and easy parameterization, Coda is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications:

  • general-purpose measurements on test stands and test assemblies
  • continuous product and process data acquisition in production
  • process monitoring in power plants, refineries, water or sewage works

Whether temperatures, pressures, forces, accelerations, frequencies, strains, etc. are to be measured -  Coda processes all these signals without difficulty. Even high-channel count applications using hundreds  of channels can be configured within a very short time and are handled safely and efficiently.

Static and dynamic structural tests, e. g. on aircraft or rail vehicles, are a specialty of Coda. Features include measurements with single and multi-channel strain gauges, real-time strain and stress calculations, limit checking and communication with the load control system.

As standard, Coda supports a wide range of VXIbus and LXIbus frontends which are ideally suited for many measurement tasks in industry and in the laboratory because of their performance, measurement accuracy and  reliability. Special measurement instrumentation can be easily integrated and Coda also communicates with subordinate process computers for data transfer.

Key features such as client/server architecture, SQL data base for parameter management, automatic frontend identification, real-time analysis of virtual channels using user-specific mathemetical functions, alarm functions with user-definable alarm actions specified for every channel, data replay or data export into common file formats ensure the economy and efficiency of every Coda project.

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