Best in Class m+p Pass-by-Noise Solution Chosen by Cooper Tire

Cooper Tire operates several test tracks across the country to aid their advanced noise and vibration design and development. They also provide services to outside companies in key areas such as Pass-by-Noise. Cooper Tire recently chose m+p international’s unique GPS based Pass-by-Noise (PBN) solution.

Watch the system in operation in this short movie, a simple space bar arms the system for each run, audible tone informs the operator system is ready so he can focus on the in-vehicle speed display as he approaches the noise pad, entry trigger and exit trigger tones tell the operator when exactly the entry and exit happen, and a complete display indicates all parameters needed to accept or reject the run. Instantly re-armed and ready to capture more data along with the GPS ability to automatically sense reverse runs allows constant driving with no downtime to look into the vehicle. The operator in the movie, Gary Welch, says: “The simple operation and quick turnaround ability enables us to get more testing done more quickly than any other system.” Test Track director, Carson Miller explains, “We looked at every system on the market for our application- m+p’s GPS triggering, customization and single button export to our result format was unmatched. Their superb technical support was the key to getting us up and running quickly as well as adding new features to streamline our process.”

Tim Copeland from m+p international inc. is setting up the outcar system and weather station monitor

This single person operated system is the only currently available PBN solution which does not require the old optical triggers and radar units. Optical triggers and radar prevent flexible setup and have many mechanical limitations. Often various size vehicles and different tests require moving the trigger point. m+p PBN solution allows this in seconds and also enable audible tones and indicators to help the operator adjust the throttle position for the on and off points - allowing quick tuning and repeatable results. The latest ISO 362 standard Reg 51 has been implemented along side the existing 1998 standard - with many software customizations to allow identification of the gear and run to aid the complex Reg 51 measurement gathering. This results in getting more testing completed and quickly gathering both the 1998 method and the latest method as is required until the new method is fully adopted. This advanced solution allowed Cooper Tire to maintain their existing large turnaround distances - while enabling immediate results processing and troubleshooting if necessary by allowing spare measurement channels in the vehicle.

Other custom features include easy calibration and storage of results to provide certification as per the new standard, gathering track surface temperature along with all weather variables at the beginning and end of runs as well as continuously during the run, and simple single button export into existing Microsoft Excel results worksheets, or to standard results printouts with provided templates.

Please download our SO Analyzer Pass-by-Noise datasheet for more detailed information.

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