ACON Canister Preconditioning Update

Our ACON system for automated vehicle canister preconditioning is used by the automotive industry, test facilities and the manufacturers of carbon canisters. The vehicle canisters will be automatically preconditioned, i.e. purged and loaded, to prepare them for the subsequent HC emission measurements (SHED tests) according to CARB/EPA.

The latest version of ACON offers you some powerful enhancements. The ACON components are now mounted on boards which are fixed on telescopic rails and can be pulled out to the front of the rack, enabling a very easy access to the components. Other new features include fuel loading (which is now part of the EU regulations for canister ageing) according to GM method, breakthrough determination using a Mini-SHED, high loading rates of up to 60 l/min, multi-channel temperature measurement, measurement of the flow resistance, canister leakage test and breakthrough determination by means of a mass flow meter (instead of a scale).

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