m+p VibControl Revision 2.13 Out Now

Latest m+p VibControl 2.13 shaker control software provides random kurtosis control for faster structural life testing, enhanced notching functions in sine and random, automatic throughput start/stop.

m+p international at IMAC 2016

m+p international will present its advanced products for structural dynamics analysis and testing at IMAC-XXXIV in Orlando.

Structural Testing and Strain Gauge Measurements

m+p Coda for experimental structural testing and multi-axis strain and stress analysis. Measurements with single- and multichannel strain gauges, real-time strain and stress calculations, limit checking.

MAHLE Uses m+p Vibration Controllers for Automotive Parts Testing

Automotive supplier MAHLE uses vibration controllers from m+p international for their vibration test rigs. The controllers combine precise control, easy programmability and flexible parameter settings.

Vibration Testing of Rearview Mirrors

Vibration testing, modal analysis and impact hammer testing for all automotive parts. In the laboratory and on the test track.

Testing Acoustic Fatigue

Acoustic fatigue testing system from m+p international for missiles, rockets, satellites. For progressive wave tubes (PWTs) and reverberant acoustic test facilities (RATFs).

Qualification Testing of Laser-Firing ChemCam

Qualification testing using m+p international’s vibration control system and a shaker in a clean room. For aerospace testing applications.

NVH Sunroof Testing

Vibration controllers for sine and random testing and climatic chamber control in automotive industry, systems for noise and vibration analysis and in-vehicle recordings.

Bearing Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Detection of defects in ball-race and roller bearings using the Envelope Analysis function. Time based condition monitoring and overall levels predict failure time for maintenance scheduling.

DES Relies on m+p for Noise and Vibration Testing

Vibration control on a shaker, shock, pyroshock, modal and acoustic testing. Proven, reliable systems that are used for dynamic testing in test laboratories worldwide.

Vibration Monitoring System

Safe vibration testing: Monitoring system records acceleration, temperature and strain continuously during vibration tests on shaker. Alarm monitoring and event handling.

200 kHz Support for m+p VibRunner

Data acquisition hardware boasts up to 204.8 kHz sampling rate and offers high sensitivity input ranges. Ultrasonic measurements in sonar, automotive crash testing, pyro-shock capture, low-level acoustic measurements.

The Very First m+p System in North America

Upgrading the HP3565 based vibration control system to m+p VibRunner based system for standalone and rackmount use. Higher speed throughput.

m+p SO Analyzer 4.4 Enhances Capability and Efficiency

New features in m+p’s dynamic signal analyzer for noise and vibration measurement & analysis. Mass properties calculator, MIMO-sine-FRF calculator, rapid resonance search, LOFAR and DEMON analysis.

Bosch: m+p Vibration Control Systems since 1991

Vibration control systems for vibration and shock testing in the automotive industry. High reliability, excellent support.

Faster Multi-Shaker GVT Testing

Multiple shaker testing with Normal Mode Tuning together with integrated MDOF modal analysis and OMA. Calculating FRFs from multiple sine test runs when more than one shaker is used.

Road Load Simulation

Vibration tests using road load data. m+p VibControl vibration controllers provide unlimited time data replication with real-time, closed-loop control.

Vibration Testing of Curiosity’s High-Gain Antenna

Vibration tests of high-gain antenna of NASA’s Curiosity rover. 96-channel vibration control system and 90 kN shaker.

Force Limited Vibration Testing

Vibration controllers from m+p international have proved highly successful for force limiting vibration testing. For sine and random vibration excitation.

Rotational Dynamics: Single- and Dual-Plane Balancing

m+p international’s real-time analyzer for single- and dual-plane balancing measurements. A keyphasor input computes the rotational speed and extracts the vibration response data.

Mission to Mercury with the Help of m+p Vibration Controller

m+p VibControl shaker controller for multi-channel vibration testing. Safe vibration testing and maximum protection of BepiColombo’s solar arrays. Reliable, repeatable results.

Automotive: High-Frequency Vibration Test Rig

Automotive: High-frequency vibration test rig for elastomer mounts in vehicles. Piezoelectric shakers with low amplitude and high frequency range.

m+p NVH Software Fully Supports National Instruments Hardware

Turnkey noise and vibration analyzer from m+p international that fully supports National Instruments acquisition hardware.

m+p VibSlideRule: Free Multi-Function Vibration Calculator

The m+p VibSlideRule offers a wide range of useful calculating tools for vibration testing and structural analysis. It helps visualise the relationships that apply and includes units conversions.

Novel Noise Prediction Technique Saves Time and Money

Novel noise prediction technique saves time and money. m+p international’s real-time analyzer for both breaker force and noise transfer function measurements.

Latest m+p Analyzer Software Release

m+p SO Analyzer Revision 4.3 includes Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) using cross-half-PSDs, data-on-demand from recorder throughput files, zoom overview using 2D chart viewer.

OSRAM Rates m+p as per ISO/IEC 17025

Vibration controllers and dynamic signal analyzers from m+p international met all criteria of ISO/IEC 17025 standard in OSRAM’s Environmental Simulation Laboratory.

N+V Testing of Venting Assemblies

100% quality noise and vibration measurement system from m+p international to test venting assemblies.

Ground Vibration Testing

Ground vibration testing on aircraft: m+p Analyzer including the “Normal Mode Tuning” software package, m+p VibRunner hardware and 4 modal shakers (200 N sine force).

Now Available: VibControl Revision 2.12

Latest vibration test software includes time history recording to throughput disk, sine/random/shock data reduction, time-saving vibration testing with multi-sine excitation, …

Johns Hopkins University APL Uses m+p Vibration Testing System

Johns Hopkins University APL uses m+p international’s 192-channel Data Acquisition system and 64-channel Vibration Control system for efficient vibration testing.

Measuring Stress and Strain

m+p international has a full range of strain gauge solutions which have been proven time and again to meet the needs of industry.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Testing

Real-time analyzer determines vibration and acoustical characteristics and verifies that the torques and temperatures are within specifications.

SO Analyzer 4.2: Our Latest Analyzer Release

p-LSCF and PTD+ identification algorithms in modal analysis, new mode properties and FRF validation in MDOF, FRF synthesis in SDOF and online computed functions calculator.

Remote Control of B+K NEXUS™ Conditioning Amplifiers

m+p VibControl shaker control system enables parameterization and remote control of Brüel & Kjaer NEXUS™ conditioning amplifier type 2692 via RS232 interface. Four piezoelectric accelerometers.

Vibration Testing: Multi-Sine

Multi-sine excitation is part of m+p VibControl shaker control systems. Allows to simultaneously sweep up to 10 sine tones. Largely reduces costs and time of durability tests.

Noise Testing of Wind Turbine Generators (IEC 61400-11)

m+p international’s analyzer for acoustic measurements and analyses of wind turbine generators. Testing is fully compliant with IEC Standard 61400-11 second edition.

Machinery Condition Monitoring

Flexible and easy to use rotational dynamics system for all types of diagnostic testing across a wide range of machinery monitoring applications. Fixed and variable speed rotating machines.

VibRunner Hardware for Dynamic Measurement and Shaker Control Applications

Acquisition hardware is ideal for projects such as engine test cells where high data throughput is important, large structures where distributed inputs reduce sensor cabling, large channel count requirements.

Noise & Vibration Analysis: Release of SO Analyzer Revision 4.1

The latest revision 4.1 of m+p international’s Noise and Vibration Analyzer introduces useful capabilities such as normal mode tuning, mode shape validation with circle fit, tonality.

SO Analyzer Selected for Structural Dynamics Research

m+p international’s noise and vibration analyzer is used at top university research laboratories for structural dynamics testing. Dynamics measurements and modal analysis.

VibControl: Advanced Vibration Control Methods

New control capabilities for m+p international’s industry accepted vibration controllers: Advanced notching, overturning moment control. Find out more about notching capabilities.

Modal Testing: Tsinghua University, Beijing, Uses SO Analyzer

The renowned Tsinghua University in Beijing successfully uses m+p international’s impact testing software to perform modal tests on helicopter rotor blades.

Digital Acoustic Control Systems for NASA

m+p international provides NASA with their Digital Acoustic Control Systems to control the most powerful acoustic chamber in the world, the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF).

NASA's Ares I-X Test Rocket Tested with Systems from m+p international

A series of modal tests on NASA’s Ares I-X flight test vehicle were performed using m+p international’s real-time analyzer for dynamic signal measurement and analysis.

Siemens, Germany, utilizes m+p international's Coda at their turbo compressor test facility

Siemens uses m+p international’s continuous data acquisition, data processing and real-time monitoring system at their turbo compressor test facility. Find out more…