Service & Support

Professional Services by Highly Skilled Engineers

We protect your investment in the long term – this is part of our product philosophy. Our well-trained service teams provide direct, reliable support in the shortest possible time.  

Our services include hotline support, regular software updates, on-site or return-to-bench commercial re-calibrations, hardware maintenance and repair, rentals as well as remote support and online meetings using TeamViewer software.

Hotline Support

If you need help, please call our hotline. Experienced support engineers will assist you by phone and/or email.

Software Updates and Revisions

m+p international provides customers with regular software updates which offer revised and enhanced software features to further increase the software performance. Revisions keep your software up-to-date with the newest technology and ensure that it is compatible with the latest advances in hardware and operating systems.

Calibration Services

We offer on-site and return-to-bench commercial re-calibration for all our measurement hardware. Regular calibration is an investment in quality and data validity.

Hardware Maintenance

Measurement hardware from m+p international achieves the highest reliability and system longevity. The hardware is calibrated and documented with a full calibration certificate. In case of an unpleasant surprise, we provide a return-to-m+p repair service, including a guaranteed 24-hours-back-to-operation option.


We offer short-term rental of our measurement hardware. This allows you to do your testing job at any time using the latest hardware technology.

Remote Support and Online Meetings

The TeamViewer software allows for remote monitoring any computer over the internet and for online meetings and training with our customers.